My Backpacking Australia Bucketlist

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One thing I think we can all agree is the fact that Australia is HUGE, like, it’s massive and there is so much to see and do. Some of the worlds most beautiful reefs, rainforests, world heritage islands and just downright wonderful experiences are located in Australia.

So how do you decide on what you want to see?! You might be here for 3 weeks, 3 months, a year and you have to pick and plan your absolute must dos in Australia!

I’ve listed my Backpacking Australia Bucketlist below, I’m lucky enough that I’ve got a year to complete these! Some of these I’ve already done, and some of them I just have to do before I leave in May 2017.

The Ultimate Australia List!

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef – COMPLETE


Going to the World Famous Great Barrier Reef was one of my very first trips in Australia and it was absolutely beautiful! The reef is huge and has so many beautiful corals to explore, I was lucky enough to see 3 reef sharks as well as an array of colourful fish that swim all around you!

Learn to Surf – COMPLETE


I had an awesome morning of surf lessons in Agnes Water with Reef 2 Beach Surf School, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and I even managed to stand up a couple of times! It was such an amazing experience. Read more here!

Meet a Kangaroo and get a selfie – COMPLETE

On a tour of 1770 we went to the Horizon Kangaroo Sanctuary and met soooo many Kangaroos and gave them their afternoon snack of Sweet Potato, they were so friendly and loved hanging with us.

Swim with Turtles – COMPLETE

I LOVE turtles, and every time I was snorkeling I would always look out for turtles and I was lucky enough to snorkel with a turtle for about 15 minutes with no one else around when I was at Fitzroy Island. It was incredible and such an amazing experience!

Sail The Whitsundays – COMPLETE

I went on a 3d2n sailing trip of the Whitsundays and I can safely say it was amazing, Whitehaven Beach was just as beautiful as I hoped and we had so much fun on our boat the New Horizon!

4WD on Fraser Island – COMPLETE

Fraser Island is a stunning island and driving along the sand in these massive 4wd whilst singing at the top of your lungs to Queen was a brilliant experience that I’ll never forget. To my Nomads Crew: Spaghetti!

Go Whale Watching – COMPLETE

When I was broken in Hervey Bay, I was able to go on a whale watching trip and see lots of humpback whales as it was migration season! They were stunning and came right up to the boat and were breaching, a must do if your in Hervey Bay between July & October.

Do a Skydive – COMPLETE X2 

I did it! I jumped out of a plane from 14,000 ft not once, but twice! I loved the first dive in Noosa so much that I just had to do it again in Byron Bay. If you are considering it, DO IT! The feeling is unlike any other in the world and it is incredibly addictive, jump and you’ll see why!

See a crocodile in the wild – COMPLETE


Now seeing a crocodile can either be an OMG thats incredible moment or a OMG we’re goners moment. Fortunately for me, mine was the first, on a boat trip on the Daintree River we spotted 4 crocs, some of them were huge and they definitely look like Dinosaurs!

Visit Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo – COMPLETE

I was a massive fan of the Crocodile Hunter when I was younger so going to Australia Zoo was a dream come true. There are so many animals here from Crocs to Giraffes and the park itself is gorgeous. I even saw Steve’s Son and was super starstruck!

Enjoy the hippy life in Byron Bay – COMPLETE

Okay so almost complete, we spent a crazy crazy week in Byron Bay (in the rain) but we had an amazing time and went up to the lighthouse, sampled every single bar and had a beautiful time!

Go to the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation – COMPLETE


If you are up in Cairns make sure you head on a trip to Cape Tribulation and see the Daintree Rainforest, its one of David Attenboroughs fave places and I can see why! The rainforests are super tranquil, look out for cassowary’s and you can sample some of the most amazing ice creams at a local ice cream shop!

Swim in Lake McKenzie – COMPLETE

No trip to Fraser Island (K’Gari) is complete without going to Lake McKenzie, its silica sand and crystal clear water is stunning and you really have to see it to believe it, whilst you are there make sure you swim under water and open your eyes!

Swim in the Fairy Pools in Noosa National Park – COMPLETE

The fairy pools are world famous and are a really beautiful spot where the waves crash over and create an enchanting pool in the rocks, with each wave comes beautiful fish and its a magical place. Tricky to find but once you’ve found it you’ll be over the moon.

Feed dolphins by hand in Tin Can Bay – COMPLETE

On the morning of my 24th birthday we headed to Tin Can Bay from Rainbow Beach where you can feed the dolphins by hand at the Barnacles Dolphin Centre. The wild dolphins come to the spot everyday and you feed them a fish from the palm of your hand, an awesome experience!


Still on my bucket list to complete!

See the Sydney Opera House

Cuddle a Koala 

Go to Uluru

Spend Christmas on the Beach

Go to a festival

Drive the Great Ocean Road

See the 12 Apostles

See the Penguins at St Kilda

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef

See a Great White Shark

Visit Tasmania

Go on a Roadtrip

I’m having an amazing time on my Australian adventure and I’m so excited to tick off more of my bucketlist!

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