Backpacking Australia – My Favourite Hostels on the East Coast

Backpacking Australia (1)

There are so many hostels to chose from on your east coast adventure! You can read the reviews on Hostelworld and ask around but the choice is endless, I’ve listed my favourite hostels between Cairns & Bryon Bay. I rate my favourite’s based on location, free food, events and how lovely it is and hopefully this helps you to make your decisions!

Mad Monkey, Cairns


$12 Drink and Pizza deal at Mad Monkey – It was so good!

This hostel had such a lovely feel to it and as one of my first few hostels I stayed in, it was just what I was hoping for! They do a cracking free breakfast (eggs and pancakes as well as the usual!), there is a Italian restaurant connected to it where you get 50% off, they do some cracking deals where you can get a pizza and a drink for $12, and these pizzas are better than Australian dominoes! The location is okay, it’s on Sheridan Street so it’s about a 10 min walk to the lagoon, woolies and about 15 mins to the greyhound stop.



Base, Magnetic Island


Hammock life by the pool on Maggie

One of 3 possible places to stay on Magnetic Island, and Base is brilliant! Hands down the best hostel for an all around experience. The hostel itself is right on the beach and it is beautiful and it has a gorgeous pool, hammocks, a massive bar area and all of the rooms are in little lodges. The food that you can get here is beautiful, from full englishs in the morning to pizzas and burgers in the evening it’s all good value. The nightlife of Base is wonderful we had the most hilarious night playing boozy bingo which ended with people having to take clothes off and everyone was dancing on the tables by the end of the night, they even sell late night hot dogs which goes down well with me!


Rambutan, Townsville

Doesn’t look like a hostel does it!

I stopped off in Townsville for one night before Magnetic island because of this gorgeous hostel. It’s based in a hotel and has the most stunning rooftop pool and bar where all of the hostel rooms are. There are beds and loungers around the pool and on a Sunday afternoon there is live music around the pool. The kitchen and lounge facilities are basic and a little bit hidden but other than that it’s a lovely stop off before or after Magnetic island! It’s only a 10 minute walk to the ferry port.



Cool Bananas, Agnes Water


The jenga that resulted in streaking, hey Omri!

If you travel the east coast and see someone with a cool bananas wristband on you will instantly get on! This super chilled hostel makes Agnes Water a destination in itself, it’s a lovely spot where there are hula hoops in the garden, wifi blackout to promote family time and they even let you check in and sleep at 6am after the dreaded overnight bus from Airlie which was so kind! There’s free breakfast every morning and they can help you organise your surfing and sunset tour which I totally recommend! It’s close to the beach and there’s a free shuttle bus from the greyhound. Cool Bananas was a great place to kick back and relax for a couple of days and it was recommended to me by Sam from Ratpack Travel – so glad I stayed there!


Flashpackers, Noosa

Best place to chill and relax ever!

I mentioned Flashpackers in my write up of Noosa – Australia’s best kept secret, and I loved it! You really don’t feel like you are in a hostel as it’s so chilled out and lovely, there’s a stunning swimming pool with loungers and the communal area and kitchen is nothing like you’ve ever seen in a hostel! There’s free breakfast, cheese and wine nights, movie nights, BBQ and a free shuttle bus which is brilliant as it’s a little bit out of the way. Each room has lockers for each person as well as your own light and plug socket by your bed, dream right? You can enjoy a lovely chilled time at Noosa Flashpackers, you won’t want to leave!


Summerhouse, Brisbane

The views from the rooftop!

There’s something about Summerhouse in Brisbane that meant I couldn’t leave! It’s a lovely hostel on Roma Street right by the transit centre just outside of the main city (10-15min walk). It has the most amazing rooftop area with views of the city, a movie area and the rooms are all good with lockers and personal plugs. It has a really nice family feel to it and there are loads of lovely events they do such as rooftop BBQ, cheese night, free pasta, movie nights and a random one which could be a talent show (hello your winner of July 2017). It’s got a bar next door, coles opposite and the greyhound is so close!


Aquarius, Byron Bay


Jen’s Birthday Brunch before it got messssy at Aqaurius

2 words – FREE DINNER. Yep, you get a free dinner every night you stay at Aquarius, it can be anything from nachos to BBQ to pasta, when you do the maths it saves you a hell of a lot money. It is an awesome hostel for having a good time and we definitely did that every night. There is a bar with events on most nights and there’s ping pong, pool and a PS4, there’s always beer pong tournaments or karaoke comps which is hilarious. The rooms in the hostel are huge and you even get a table, sink and outdoor area, we had some great times in room 20, from birthday parties to movie nights with sushi we did it all, just be aware your not supposed to drink in the rooms but you can drink in the kitchen! You can jump on a shuttle from the hostel to woodies or cheeky monkeys and there’s a shuttle bus to the greyhound stop.

I hope this helps you to choose your hostels on the east coast!

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