When the Adventure goes Wrong: A Spanner in the works…. 

My Travel Bucketlist (1)What a crazy crazy couple of months I’ve had whilst backpacking Australia! I have had the most amazing time of my life and without a doubt this is the best decision I ever made to pack everything up and come to Australia.


I’ve had to slow down my adventures a little bit, well, when I say a little bit I mean slow it down so much it’s basically stationary. And that stationary position has brought me to Hervey Bay in Queensland for the next 4-6 weeks. Why? So, I was working on the incredible Fraser Island for one of the tour companies and was having an incredible time, I was working on the campsite, cooking all meals for 30 people everyday, never wearing shoes or makeup, going fishing and enjoying the chilled life with an awesome group of people! Whilst on the island I saw it as a great opportunity to calm down a little bit, stop drinking, eat healthier and exercise more.

All of this was going well until one day during the warm up for a workout my knee decided it had other ideas and it dislocated which left me in a very tricky situation and had to pop it back in! OUCH RIGHT!? I seriously hoped that it would get better quickly with some rest and ice, I thought it was, but the next day the pain had severely increased and I couldn’t even move. So of course the only option was to call the emergency services, now on a remote island this is a little tricky, there was only one first responder on the island and the only way to get off was by chopper (a luxury I didn’t want to have to fork out for!) however, after a slight panic attack I decided I would do/pay anything for painkillers and a way to get off the island! The lovely Clinton the paramedic arrived to save me, gave me some morphine and popped me in a stretcher to put me in his 4×4 ambulance, luckily we put together an overnight bag of stuff for me to take! Off we went and endured an hour and abit journey across the island and over forest tracks which were pretty bumpy and painful! So much so we had to pull over and give me more morphine before particularly rocky areas. Clinton was so nice and kept my mind off my pain during the journey, we were chatting away about all sorts of stuff.

In the 4wd Ambulance leaving the island! 

We got to the other side of the island and the rescue boat had arrived to take me to the mainland, it was around sunset and so many people were on the jetty to watch it or to do sunset fishing, Clinton managed to clear them out the way so we could get through to the boat, and so that people would stop staring! I met my new paramedics and the crew of the boat that was rescuing me, unfortunately there was no device to get me from the jetty to the boat so I had to sit on the edge of the jetty and hop on my good leg onto the boat then into the cabin, bit tricky! After a 25 min sunset cruise (silver linings) we met the rest of the marine rescue team and the paramedics who were there to help me off the boat at the marina. Then I got to the hospital where I was so well looked after by all the staff there, I had X-rays on my knee which was painful that discovered I had a fracture going down my kneecap. I stayed in over night, and was looked after so well by all the nurses and staff at the HBH, also thank you to the lady who gave me a tissue when she heard me uncontrollably crying in my cubicle. With a stroke of luck, my dads cousins wife Carol worked at that hospital, we’d never met before but she was so kind and came and met me and picked me up from the hospital! After a quick lesson of how to use my new crutches, advice from the docs and my new splint I was ready to leave!

And where was I gonna stay? There are a handful of hostels in Hervey Bay, it’s mainly used as a stop off before Fraser Island rather than a destination, and I was familiar with the Flashpackers so I gave Hervey Bay Flashpackers a call to see if they catered for disabled people and if they had ground floor rooms, luckily they did! So I got checked in and was greeted by Ellie who is just the loveliest and couldn’t be more helpful!

So that’s where we are at, the hostel is perfect for what I need for my 4 weeks of recovery and has a lovely lounge, a massive kitchen, a cinema room, pizza nights, free breakfast and wifi! All things considered I’m very lucky. I was even taken out in a wheelchair by the hostel staff and we went for a wheel down to the pier and had an icecream.

My day out in my Wheelchair!

I want to say a massive thank you to:

  • My team on Fraser Island for looking after me, I miss you all already!
  • Clinton the Paramedic and Queensland Ambulance
  • The Hervey Bay marine rescue volunteers
  • Hervey Bay Hosptal
  • My Aussie fam, Carol, Callum and Jeannie for being there for me
  • Ellie, Rob & Renee @ Hervey Bay Flashpackers
  • The Girls Love Travel FB group and my other broken girls – Zoe, Emily & Allison 
  • Everyone for their lovely messages!

It’s going to be a long old 4 weeks I’m sure and there’s only so much Netflix a sane person can watch so I’ll definitely be catching up on all my blogs that I have neglected over the last few months. I might even do a redesign!

You can expect to hear stories about

  • Sailing the Whitsundays
  • Magnetic Island
  • Fraser Island (the first time)
  • Byron Bay
  • Noosa
  • Brisbane
  • My TWO skydives
  • And all of the fun I’ve been having with some amazing people…

Im feeling really positive about my recovery and hoping that I can recover quicker and get back to my adventures sharpish!

Lots of love xxxx

Ps. Remember. Exercise is bad for you!

My Travel Bucketlist (1)



3 thoughts on “When the Adventure goes Wrong: A Spanner in the works…. 

  1. Simon Hewitt says:

    Just catching up with your adventures Sophie and it sounds like you have had a pretty intense time of things recently 😛 🙂

    Hope your knee recovers quickly and you aren’t going too mad staring at a screen again!! (Graham and I know what that feels like!)

    All the best



    • Sophies Travels says:

      Thank you Simon!! Ahh it has been so incredible, and maybe this was a way of telling me to slow down a little bit 😂😂 haha fortunately I have been filling my time with sunbathing and eating, we even have a cinema in this hostel! Under 4 weeks left for me to chill, so fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

      Hope things are well at Chief and that you both are doing okay and aren’t missing my pink meetings too much!

      Thanks, Sophie 🙂


      • Simon Hewitt says:

        I’m glad to hear you aren’t bored and are making the most of your time despite the problems! 😉 You must very soon be able to get going again then? 🙂

        We’re well thank you, of course pink isn’t a colour we tend to use so much ourselves 😉



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