Backpacking Australia – Surf Lessons With Reef 2 Beach Surf School

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Agnes Water, Queensland

A beautiful spot between Airlie Beach & Fraser Island that a lot of people seem to skip, its without a doubt the best place to have a chill out and unwind after those crazy Whitsunday’s after parties and most importantly take up some incredibly good value surf lessons!

As a person who has never even looked at a surfboard (apart from one time in Bournemouth when we did a insta photoshoot) I was super excited to learn that Reef 2 Beach Surf School offered a morning of surf lessons for only $17, an absolute bargain especially when down the coast you could be paying up to $65. Us girls got booked on for our lessons and were up and out early the next day to try and learn how to catch some waves!

We arrived at the Reef 2 Beach surf school and were introduced to the lovely Grom, he was so fun and we filled in all our forms and it was time to head down to the beach and grab our boards. We headed down to the beach carrying 2 surfboards between 2, sounds tricky but there is a knack to it, found some shade and Grom gave us a great intro to surfing. Next up was the practical bit to see if we could perfect our technique on the sand, we all laid down on the boards, toes just over the tip of the end of the board and practiced how to paddle paddle paddle as a wave was coming and then we’d be given the go ahead to push our hands up under our chests and jump up with our leg that the board was connected to behind us. Harder than it sounds! After a lot of practising, a lot of sand being flicked everywhere and photos of our attempts it was time to hit the water!

Now we were all feeling like absolute surf babes in the Aussie sun with our rash vests on, our blonde hair and our boards under our arms we totally felt the part….. all the gear no idea comes into mind! Ever seen blue crush? Yup thats what we felt like! We hit the water and all made our way in, carried our boards for a little way, then jumped on and paddled the rest of the way to where Rory & Grom were. Jumping on the board was actually easier than it looked, we had such good quality boards and they were perfect for beginners to learn with.

The time had come to give it a go and try and get up on the board, with everything that Grom had taught us running through my head and thinking positively I was soooooo ready. With the assistance of Grom holding on to my board until the time was right, giving us a pep talk before the wave came and being on wave spotting duty, he told us when to start paddling with all our might and then a massive shout of UP when it was time to jump up! Sounds simple right? If you focus and remember everything that they teach you, you’ll be on to a winner! The adrenaline that you get when you start paddling and can feel the wave underneath you is awesome, and then that amazing sense of YESSSSSSS when you stand up, even if it was only for a second.


See I did stand up! 

Both Grom & Rory were so good for giving us a pep talk beforehand and then giving us some tips on how we could improve for the next time. I kept losing my balance and falling off to the right so that’s what I tried to change each time and by the end I felt like I was really getting it and managed to stand up a couple of times! I won’t lie, surfing is exhausting but my god its a lot of fun, there’s something about the feeling of riding a wave that’s addictive.

A massive thank you to the team at Reef 2 Beach for giving us our very first surf lesson and being such awesome instructors, they were so patient and helpful when it came to the surf which was so good! We had the most awesome morning and loved every second of it and its given us a taste of surfing and we can’t wait to give it a go again.


The surf group with my gals Jen & Janie – Photo from Reef 2 Beach Surf School Facebook Page, link below!

When travelling the East Coast make sure you stop off in Agnes Water and see Grom and the team and try surfing out with Reef 2 Beach Surf School, its the best $17 I spent on my travels and I had the best time, the instructors are absolute professionals and you’ll get up on that board and even get a cracking professional photo taken of your ‘omg i’m up on the board’ moment! The photos are also great value of only $5 each or you can do a bundle deal.

Check out the Reef 2 Beach Surf School Facebook Page here: 

To book on give Reef 2 Beach Surf School a call or book on at your hostel in Agnes Water.

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