Goodbye England, Hello Australia!

It’s time to start the adventure…

So the day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! I’m sat at Heathrow, by myself at the gate waiting to board my first flight to Manila to catch my connecting flight to Cairns! A total of 24 hours of travel, I’m so exhausted from all the excitement that I am actually looking forward to being able to just stop for 14 hours and then 6!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank from the absolute bottom of my heart every single person who has helped to make my dream a reality. Of course my parents and my brother who are my absolute rock and I love them dearly, without all their support, encouragement and crazy times I probably wouldn’t be doing this right now (mainly because I’d have nowhere to store my stuff!) you guys are my world. To all my family and family friends who have given me the kindest gifts and money towards my travels and the warmest goodbyes, I’ll treasure all of your cuddles until next time. To all my friends who have told me how proud they are and how excited they are for me to start my adventure, your all absolutely brilliant and gave me the best send offs even if I did feel like I was dying from Jäger, tried to steal a cat and stand on a chair in the middle of the pub and I can’t wait to get all your selfies and pictures of life!

I’ll be posting throughout my adventure so you all know what I’m up to, where I’m going and what I’m doing! It’s the adventure of a lifetime and I can’t believe I’m finally doing it, but I have you all behind me and that in itself it’s worth its weight in gold and I am confident I could pick up the phone and you’ll be there.

I’ll try not to make you too jealous, but hey, I’m living the dream right!? I quit my job, saved like crazy and booked a one way ticket, apparently dreams are realistic!!

Peace out people, my flights boarding and it’s time to go to the Philippines and then Australia!



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