Booking my Australia Working Holiday Visa and Flights with STA

Backpacking Australia

I’ve always popped in to see the team at my local STA and dream about all of the destinations that they have on offer. But one day I had a huge wake up call and just went in and did my visa with the help of Emily at the Bournemouth store!

‘We know because we go’

My local store is in Bournemouth and every person that I’ve met at STA has been so lovely, friendly and extremely knowledgeable which is awesome! They get it, they understand the barriers to going, that some people are nervous, others are conscious of money but they do their absolute best to help you with your dreams!

STA – Start The Adventure

I booked an appointment to have an initial chat about my thoughts about Australia and find out the reality of making my dreams come true, and I was sold! I decided there and then that this was an opportunity I was not going to turn down and I was going to make it happen as all of our chats had made my mind wander 10,000km away to sandy beaches and BBQ’s.

We did my visa that afternoon and it was a really simple process and really nice to have Emily there helping me through it, I needed that person there backing me so that I didn’t chicken out and just be like oh I’ll do it later sort of thing. It was such a simple process, i paid £330 for it and then I received an email with a link to fill in a few extra questions on the online portal when i got home. Now I was prepared to have to wait a couple of weeks for my visa to be approved…. It was approved within 10 hours!!! I couldn’t believe it, it was OFFICIAL, I was going to Australia and finally making my dreams happen. I remember feeling like I was walking on clouds allllllllllllllll day.

Booking my flight

I also booked my flight with STA as it’s always handy to have someone to help and press all the buttons, booking flights always feels like a lot of pressure right? Emily booked this all for me easy as which I was thankful for, it also gave us a great opportunity to have a massive chat all about Australia and my plans!

Everything was super easy and I had all of my paperwork and I also had the STA app which kept telling me how long it was until I’d be departing for the Philippines! I loved looking at this countdown, especially on long and stressful days at work.

Checking in Online

E A S Y, all i had to do was enter my name and a few other bits of info on the Phillipines air website and I was checked in, I was even able to pick my seat which was awesome. I always like to be on the aisle as I can stretch my legs out! When I arrived at the check in desk everything was seamless, I gave them my backpack and I was ready to go and start my adventure.

Thanks so much STA for helping me with sorting my visa and booking my flights you absolute babes! Loved the constant inspo and the way that they were all so helpful in giving me advice that was right for me and my type of adventure.

To find out more about STA and what they can offer you, head to:

If you have that gut instinct that you want to travel, DO IT. You won’t regret it 🙂

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