Working and Exploring Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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In my corporate position as Marketing Manager for a global firm, I was required to organise and attend an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was my first experience of working outside of Europe and the furthest I had ever been from home. Naturally I was nervous, excited and every emotion in between as it was the biggest thing I had ever been tasked to do in my career to date. I’d had lots of experience of being a stand manager in the UK & Europe but overseas was a whole another story. I was very fortunate in the fact that I had time either side of the exhibition to explore, and that my colleagues were keen to go places in the evening, that and our exhibition and hotel was smack back in the middle of KLCC park, I saw the Petronas Towers every single day on my way to work which was amazing and as a young business and management student its something I thought would be a long way off but I did it within 2 years of graduating!

The Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


I stayed at the Traders Hotel, which is hands down the best hotel I have ever stayed in. From the moment we arrived we were looked after SO well, your suitcase its transported up to your room upon arrival, your given all of the information you need. And when you get to your room, wow it is like an actual palace, I couldn’t get over the size and how beautiful it was, i had a bed that was twice the size of my double, a huge mirror, a sofa area, an armchair and full floor to ceiling windows were i could see the whole of KL! I had a load of storage space, robes and slippers and a massive bathroom that was all gold supplied with so many lovely cosmetics, the bath and shower were absolutely divine and i could even have the radio on whilst i was in the bath! I had such a wonderful stay at the Traders Hotel, I slept so well every night as the bed was so comfy.


I was fortunate enough to have access to the members floor/club so I could have breakfast in a quieter environment overlooking the towers. The breakfast selection was beautiful and ranged from a full English (fake bacon and sausages of course!), continental, and also sushi if you fancied it! The staff were so lovely and you could have any type of eggs that you wanted and they would bring it over to your table. One morning that i wasn’t working I had a lovely plate of fruit in a comfy armchair overlooking the whole park and the towers, the staff also brought round smoothie shots! In the afternoons between 5-7pm you can drink and eat for free and you can help yourself to the huge selection of drinks, beers, wine, spirits and they make up jugs of cocktail, during this time they have a huge selection of food available too, a perfect way to finish off after a crazy day in the convention centre next door.

The Sky Bar is located within the Traders Hotel, anyone can access this, so if your not staying you can go upstairs for a drink in the evening and take in the amazing views and enjoy the massive range of cocktails. As a resident I was able to access to leisure facilities, I spent a wonderful morning in the pool, relaxing on the bed with a mango smoothie and a good book, its safe to say I was a happy girl. I had some lovely evenings in the Sky Bar, it gets really lively and busy and they have dancers, performers and some wonderful drink deals. Try the Mango Mojito! Remember that there is a dress code and you will be searched upon entering the Sky Bar.

The Food


Dinner on a Banana Leaf!

Some of my favourite meals in the world were in KL! (Check out my blog here for more..). The tastes and flavours that you can get in Malaysia are too die for, its a combination of thai, indian & chinese all together which for me is a dream. There is such a wide variety of dishes here from noodles to curries, seafood! In the centre of KL you have a range of street food, restaurants and malls with food courts, i found the malls so weird because all of the locals were queing for the western food – fried chicken wraps, and all of the westerners were at the local cuisine outlets.

We ventured out to a couple of different places and I absolutely loved a meal I had in Jalan Alor, it was so crazy busy with so many restaurants, street food sellers and it smelt so good. Its not erm… the cleanest of streets (known as rat street) and you’ll definitely get a table with plastic chairs! BUT, the food here is wonderful and also cheap. We had a huge array of all sorts of dishes, everything from Kung Po Chicken, Squid, Spicy Crab, Pak Choi, Beef, King Prawns and all sorts, we had all of this washed down with tiger beers which is the one!

One of my best meals I had in Kuala Lumpur was at Devis Corner where i had Tandoori Sea Bass, Chilli Squid, Massala Chicken, Chilli & Lime Pickle, Mango Chutney & Rice and well…. This was an experience and a half and one that I always bring up. ‘But have you ever eaten your dinner with your hands from a Banana Leaf?’ I did, in an Indian restaurant in KL, it was awesome! Before this I could safely say that I had never eaten from anything other than a plate or with my hands in my life. This truly was a memorable experience, one that I wish i could go back to and do it all over again as totally embraced the culture and the experience. You even get a sweet or savoury milk drink to go with this that is a lifesaver when you try something that rather spicy!

The Cocktails


The selection of cocktails in KL is huge and without a doubt there is something for everyone, the flavours that they have on offer are just awesome and they truly embrace Lychees which are my fave! I was drinking cocktails all over the shot (in the evenings!) and was trying everything from Lychee Martinis, Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daquiris, Mango Mojito and they all tasted incredible, they were pretty cheap as well but around 3 x the cost of a beer! So sometimes I would go for a beer alongside my dinner or if it was a quick drink.

Things to do on a fleeting visit to KL


Go to the Petronas Towers

Even if you get a selfie outside of it, its amazing to see the iconic towers in person, take a look at it during the day and the evening, it lights up the sky!


Take a stroll around the KLCC park

This is a lovely park with a massive running track around it as well as lots of benches, a park and a kids pool as well as the massive lake infront of the Suria Mall!


Go to the Sky Bar

This place is awesome for its amazing range of cocktails, nightlife and views!


Do some shopping in China Town

I had a field day when I went to the market and i picked up so many bargains and did some bartering as well which got me some brilliant deals. I got 2 lovely bags, some sunglasses, a kimono robe and a purse!

Try the local food

You will not regret trying the local dishes here, the flavours are incredible

Hope this helps you to have an amazing time in KL! Taken on any of my tips? Let me know in the comments below how you got on.

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