How Switching to Lime & Soda will help you save for Travelling

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Lime & Soda, did you know that in the UK its free for soda in most bars and restaurants so you only pay for the lime cordial which is always less than a pound. This little trick has helped me to save money – no really it has! Instead of ordering a coke with dinner or at drinks go for a lime & soda so you’ll save at least £2 each time, over 6 months that could be an additional £100 saved!

One of the many barriers to heading out on an adventure is unfortunately money! It takes so long to collect but goes so quickly – what’s with that?! And realistically before you commit to a trip you need to ask yourself, can I afford this or can I save enough to fund my adventure before I go?

My situation before I took the plunge to go to Australia was that I was in a full time managerial position earning a salary. So even though I had a huge pile of outgoings, I was still able to save whilst living and whilst still enjoying myself in Bournemouth.

Don’t get me wrong it was TOUGH, I planned my meals based on the cheapest ingredients, went out far far less, I didn’t go clothes shopping for around 8 months and I had to only drink cocktails if they were on happy hour (hard life).

Make a plan

I am a huge fan of an excel spreadsheet and this is where I began! I looked at all of my monthly outgoings by checking out my online banking, this included:

  • Rent
  • Bills
  • Car Insurance
  • Car Tax
  • Phone
  • Phone Insurance
  • Gym Membership
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Now TV
  • Credit Card Repayments

I looked at all of these and thought.. where on earth can I make cuts! The only one I could get rid of easily was my Spotify at £10 a month, which over a year saved me £120, it just wasn’t a necessity. I toyed with the idea of sacking off my gym but it was winter and I knew I’d want to go before I left, and plus I love Pure Gym! I did however notice I was paying a crazy amount for my phone, so off I went to the 3 store and got a much cheaper deal (£30 cheaper, it pays to ask!)

So once you’ve totaled up your incoming – your outgoings you’ll be left with what you can live on and what you can save.

I worked out from this that I could budget £25 a week for food (I shop in Lidl and its just me so this was easy!) and £60 a month for petrol, I could then justify putting away a large amount and still have £60 a week to live on.

Now £60 a week seems loads BUT you will be so painfully surprised of how easy it is to go over this.

My best tips I can give you for saving are:

  • Keep track of what you spend in the notes of your phone
  • Be strict with yourself
  • If you can’t afford it, don’t do it!
  • If you find yourself tempted to buy something, ask yourself, do you need it and will it be useful for your trip
  • Make the most of online discounts – sign up to newsletters for voucher codes and student discount if your eligible
  • Use sites such as Groupon, Wowcher and Last Minute
  • Keep an eye out for happy hours or days when restaurants offer % off – use Tablepouncer or Tastecard
  • Switch from Coke in pubs/restaurants for Lime & Soda!
  • You don’t HAVE to spend your weekly allocation – if you don’t spend it that’s more money for your trip
  • Get a money tin, if you’ve got a couple of quid in your purse, pop it in your tin!
  • Suss out your food shop – are you wasting food or eating a bit too luxurious? My go to is Lidl, its a dream for low cost food
  • Sell your stuff on eBay, Facebook, Gumtree or Boot Sales
  • Consider getting a second job, but don’t forget you WILL get taxed more and you might not actually earn enough for the time spent to be worth it.



5:30am doing a car boot sale before I leave for Oz!

It seems stressful but its totally doable, have a plan, stick to it, save as much as you can, don’t buy things you don’t need and remember the end goal! I mean, imagine if you missed out on some amazing experiences because you fancied buying a new pair of shoes….

If you want anymore advice on saving money drop me a comment below and subscribe to keep up to date with my tips and adventures!


My Travel Bucketlist (1)


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