My Favourite Restaurants on Table Pouncer in Bournemouth

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If you live in Bournemouth and haven’t heard of Tablepouncer where on earth have you been!! I first discovered it way back in 2014 and I’ve had a wonderful foodie time ever since…

So what actually is Tablepouncer?

Tablepouncer is a last minute table reservation service that gets you access to amazing restaurants with even more amazing discounts, I’m talking 30% – 50% off! This makes eating out so much more affordable and awesome because it means you can go to places you would maybe not be able to afford normally. Its a really easy way and good value way to have a glamorous lifestyle but without the crazy costs associated with it.

It is so easy to book a table online or on the app, you can book for today or tomorrow, lunch or dinner, a particular time and up to 8 diners. You then receive a text with your booking confirmation and you simply turn up say your name and ta da, there is your table! I always mention that its a Tablepouncer booking as I like to show off and remind them about my awesome discount I’m about to receive.

What sort of discounts can you expect?

You can expect to get anything from 30% off, 2 for 1 or 50% off. These all make eating out so affordable!

Is it just for residents?

Absolutely not! You can use tablepouncer as a pay as you go and pay around £2-3 per diner to receive the deal in areas such as Bournemouth, Southampton, Bath, Brighton, Bristol & London. Alternatively you can buy a monthly pass (£3.49 a month) or an annual pass (£49.95)

My Favourite Restaurants and Savings


BBQ Chicken Pizza at Aruba – Amazing!

Aruba – I love eating out at Aruba, you can get 30% off at Aruba but the tables usually do go quickly so book! They do a massive selection of pizzas, chicken, fish dishes, tapas, salads and all sorts! I love taking my friends and family to Aruba as it has amazing views, great ambience, awesome food and cocktails.


Roast Duck Noodles with lime and chilli @ Noodle Bar

Noodle Bar – If you love noodles, noodle bar is your place to go, with 50% off it means a main – Duck Breast noodles with chilli and lime stifry is only £5.50 (FYI thats cheaper than a meal at a fastfood joint!) This is my absolute go to for any situation – lunch with friends, hangover cure or evening out. The noodles are always fantastic here and I can always rely on them for a fabulous meal.



The best platter EVER @ Funki Griller

Funki Griller – Now this place does a wonderful steak, they have really got it sussed when it comes to amazing steak and great accompaniments. You can’t go here and not try the sharing platter it comes with a sirloin steak, chicken, ribs and lamb chops as well as two sides and two sauces. This is without a doubt the best deal I’ve found on TP – it works out to be £11 per person! You won’t regret a visit here as the food is unreal, you can even watch your food being cooked on the big screen camera feed!

Posh surf and turf!

UPDATE: The Ox, Ashley Cross – I’ve been so desperate to go to the Ox for ages and I’d such good things but it was always booked up! So I waited up until midnight to click over to Thursday to book for Friday night! The Ox is a really gorgeous restaurant and bar and I 100% recommend it if you want to have amazing food and a wonderful night! The setting of the restaurant is chandeliers, comfy seats, lovely colours and  sofas! We went for the king prawns wrapped in bacon as an appetiser (dream!), pork belly and cheese soufflé for starters which were beautiful and surf and turf – a 5oz steak with scallops, lobster!!, chips and salad, which was absolutely incredible. It’s usually £27 but with 50% off it was so much  more affordable. We had some gorgeous wine and the service was fantastic! Definitely will be back!

Koh Thai Tapas – Now in our central southern location we are SO lucky to be the home of the wonderful Koh Thai Tapas. If you’ve ever eaten in Thailand and then craved the amazing tastes of asia when you get home then Koh Thai is your place! They do some awesome food and with TP you can get 30% off. An awesome saving!

The Gate of India – Wow this place in Ashley Cross does an awesome curry, the flavours that this place create are a dream, its always so busy in here and its no surprise. You can get 2 for 1 on starters and mains even at the weekend!

Roxys – This restaurant in Charminster is such a cute little find, it has a really intimate setting, great staff and amazing flavours. At 50% off its a must!

La Piccola Italia – So you can get 50% off here and in its intimate setting up in Lansdowne its a must! If you’ve been to Italy you’ll know that the food is unreal and is difficult to get the same flavours in some of the chain restaurants, but this place mirrors the wonderful flavours! I had an amazing seafood linguine here once with a lovely italian man…..

UPDATE: Katsu Bar – Owned by the gang at noodle bar but with the focus on Japanese food! This was on my list of places that I’ve wanted to go to and finally got a chance to go! We booked with tablepouncer and got 50% off which was awesome, its a really cool place with a huge selection of currys and sushi! I went for the Chicken Katsu Curry, salmon sushi rolls (Sake Maki) and the rice blocks with king prawns on it. They also had my favourite juice – Lychee. I absolutely loved eating here, it had great vibes, awesome service and lush food, all made even better when you have 50% off!

Other places I’ve had wonderful things about an am desperate to try:

Ojo Roco, Bournemouth – Mexican tapas, need i say more? Sounds so good and apparently they are awesome so I’ll be checking this out with 30% off soon!

Yeahman Carribean Kitchen – This place has popped up in the Triangle and it looks SO cool! I love all things carribean so can’t wait to try the flavours.



Click here to head to the tablepouncer website and start saving now! Once you starting booking tables, you’ll never stop as the choice is endless.

This post is in no way associated with Tablepouncer and is an honest review of my experience – basically i love it so much I have to shout about it!


Tablepouncer is just one reason why we are happy here in Bournemouth, check out my blog post to find out more reasons why!

Want to read more about my foodie experiences? Click here to read about my favourite meals around the world.


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