My Favourite Meals Around the World

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When I say my life revolves around food, I’m not exaggerating. I just love food and I can’t get enough of trying new cuisines and restaurants around the world. Anywhere I go I just love to immerse myself into the unique flavours of the local dishes and base my adventures around this. I’ve realised that a lot of my favourite meals have been in unexpected situations or times when I’ve been absolutely starving! I think its fair to say that to me, food is a huge part of my life. If you ever visit the places below I hope that you love them, some of these places not only are my favourites because of the food but also because of the memories that they hold. This is why it is so important to have a positive association with food as your senses help you to capture memories (scientifically proven). Many of these restaurants don’t have their own websites, but they have great reviews on trip adviser and my word on it, and i’d like to say i’m rather the connoisseur when it comes to food and eating out.

Dau Cila, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy


What did I have: Seafood Linguine with Prawns, Mussels & Clams.

When we stayed in lovely Riomaggiore on our last stop of interrailing (read more here!) we were spoilt for choice with the amount of seafood restaurants there were. With it being a fishing village and in the heart of Italy, the choices were of course italian seafood which was to die for. Visiting Cinque Terre is a dream itself but Dau Cila is the most beautiful little place right on the waters edge, eating here is probably one of my favourite memories from the whole trip, infact in the whole of Italy. The food was absolutely incredible, the ambiance and location of the restaurant would be impossible to replicate ever again. I’ll remember this stop forever and the amazing tastes of the Seafood Linguine I had, excellently paired with a wonderful view of the sea and the fishing boats, white wine and two of my favourite girls.

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Devis Corner, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


What did I have: Tandoori Sea Bass, Chilli Squid, Massala Chicken, Chilli & Lime Pickle, Mango Chutney & Rice

Well. This was an experience and a half and one that I always bring up. ‘But have you ever eaten your dinner with your hands from a Banana Leaf?’ I did, in an Indian restaurant in KL, it was awesome! Before this I could safely say that I had never eaten from anything other than a plate or with my hands in my life. This truly was a memorable experience, one that I wish i could go back to and do it all over again as totally embraced the culture and the experience. You even get a sweet or savoury milk drink to go with this that is a lifesaver when you try something that rather spicy!

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The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland


What did I have: Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Mash Potato, Peas & Gravy.

I’d read fantastic reviews about the Piemaker online before my trip to Galway and luckily for me it was opposite my hotel so there was no way we were missing out. It’s in the heart of Galway and is a tiny little oldy worldy place with only 3 tables, and lots of interesting  unique things on the walls. There was a great selection of pies all served with mash, peas , red cabbage and gravy (classic) and they all served on Piemaker customised china with and are great portion sizes. I’m so glad I visited here whilst I was in Galway, its a must do! Read more about my 24 hours in Galway here.

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Doc Fords, Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Photo coming soon!

What did I have: Dry Rubbed Rib Eye – With roasted garlic and Parmesan smashed potatoes, caramelized mushrooms, asparagus and a roasted bleu cheese tomato, surrounded by a caramelized red onion demi sauce. (Pulled from the menu!)

This without a doubt, mine and my Dad’s favourite meal of all time. We stumbled across Doc Fords when we stayed in Fort Myers in 2013. Set right on the waters edge and near the beach, you get a wonderful experience at Doc Fords, the selection of food is fantastic with an array of seafood and meat to choose from as well as a huge selection of drinks – its also a rum bar. I don’t think i’ll ever have a meal as glorious as my Rib Eye but when I’m back in Florida I’ll be making a trip to see the Doc, my family and I always remember this meal! Fun fact – Doc Ford is actually a character in the Murder series by Randy Wayne White (the owner/creator of all things DF) and you can buy the books and merch in the restaurants. If you are in the South West of Florida, pleaaaaase go there for me, you won’t regret it.

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Thai Cat, Koh Lanta, Thailand


What did I have: Bat Fish, Garlic Prawns, Red Thai Curry (over a few nights)

Nestled at the top of Long Beach on the gorgeous 2nd largest Thai island of Koh Lanta you’ll find the outdoor wonder that is Thai Cat, if you were to describe a dream dinner in paradise, I bet you would describe the experience you get here, eating dinner with your toes in the sand whilst watching the sunset and sipping a cocktail is literally the life. What strikes your eye with Thai Cat first is the massive canoe filled with an array of locally caught fresh fish, BBQ and the super friendly team that welcome to sit down for dinner. Each table is placed in the sand underneath beautiful multi-coloured lanterns, I’d recommend getting there around or just before sunset as the views are incredible and an experience you won’t forget. The menu at Thai Cat is extremely extensive with a massive selection of thai dishes, there is so much choice, so we usually choose plenty of dishes and all shared, my faves that we had there were fresh BBQed Bat Fish, Garlic Prawns and the legendary Red Thai Curry, the cocktails were always wonderful! If you are used to Thailand prices just be prepared to pay a touch more, it is set right on the beach in paradise after all and so worth it! We stayed in the Lanta Sands Resort just next door which was stunning.

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A lovely french bistro that I can’t remember the name of, 2nd Arr, Paris, France


What did I have: Parisian Potato Bake with Cheese and Bacon

We arrived in Paris at around 10pm, checked into the Hotel De La Cite Rougement and after a 10 hour coach journey we were absolutely starved! So we left our hotel and discovered the most lovely little french bistro in the 2 Arr. I didn’t even know what the name of it was when we were there whoops! We had a lovely waiter who was actually Joe Jonas, i took a chance and just choose something that sounded good (it was in french) and i was blown away by the flavours of my potato bake, this is what i mean about those unexpected meals are the best, its always good to take a chance and stumble upon something new. You never know what you might find.

Find out more – Soz its a mystery and one of those magical stumble upons. 

Sai Woo, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


What did I have: Kung Po Chicken, Chilli Crab, Squid, Tofu, Garlic Pak Choi & More

This was without a doubt the most streetfoody authentic experience I’ve ever had, and weirdly, it was with my corporate job. Based on recommendation we headed to Jalan Alor to Sai Woo, it was down a crazy busy and not the cleanest street that was full of loads of restaurants and people. Sai Woo was extremely busy but the servers put together a few plastic tables and chairs for the 10 of us together, there were certainly no cocktails in this restaurant so i thought i’d finally join in with the beer buckets and try a Tiger, in this setting it was awesome. We ordered a hugeeeee selection of food and it was absolutely incredible, the flavours from all of these dishes were a dream, we tried it all! Kung Po Chicken, a full chilli crab, squid, lots of garlic greens, ribs, beef and i gave tofu a go, which was absolutely wonderful. Although, everyone i was with said it was the best tofu they’d ever had, so maybe i peaked too soon with the Tofu! This place worked out to be about £7 a person, and for the amount of food and drink we had it was a bargain.

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Kotleta, Prague, Czechia


What did I have: Pork Belly Goulash

So you can’t go to Prague and not have goulash but ohhh wow this one was to die for! Kotleta was actually right next door to our hotel (Grand Majestic Plaza Prague) so we were so lucky we had somewhere so good so close. It had a cool sports bar vibe to it whilst still being amazing at food. The Pork Belly Goulash was the best I’ve had, it was nice to have a change from Beef aswell. If you ever go to Prague make sure you go or even if not don’t leave without trying the Goulash in a crusty bread roll. There’s another Kotleta also just off Old Town Square.

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El Delfin Restaurant, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


What did I have: Steak with Canary Potatoes

This one is a special one to me, remember how I said about memories and taste? Before my Grandad passed away, him and my Granny would go to Tenerife and they would always go to El Delfin. So the summer after he passed my Granny took us all there and we went to El Delfin, raised a toast, ate some amazing food and shared some lovely stories. It was a moment i’ll always treasure because of this. El Delfin itself is a beautiful restaurant right on the waters edge and the food is incredible!

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Have you been to any of these restaurants or hoping to go to any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

I always love trying new places and would love to hear where your favourite meals are! I’m on the hunt for the best Hot Dog ever at the moment, so any suggestion anywhere in the world is appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “My Favourite Meals Around the World

  1. Julie says:

    Hello Sophie
    Read your interesting food places. Delicious food and always good to try something new.
    If you travel to Germany, their hot dogs are delicious where they use crispy fried onions as a topping.



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